Find Out What's Triggering Your Indoor Allergies

Look into indoor air quality sampling in the Dover, Rochester & Portsmouth, NH areas

Is dust, pet dander or something else causing your runny nose and itchy eyes? Professional indoor air quality sampling can pinpoint the source. Omnispect Home Inspection Services of Dover, Rochester & Portsmouth, NH can test for all kinds of allergens and toxins.

The state-of-the-art air sampling equipment we use can detect airborne contaminants like...

  • Lead
  • Mold (Maine only)
  • Bacteria
  • Asbestos
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Volatile organic compounds

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Anyone can benefit from indoor air sampling

Anyone can benefit from indoor air sampling

Don't you deserve to know what's in the air you're breathing? We can help you find out by performing thorough indoor air quality sampling at your DoverĀ orĀ Rochester, NH area property.

Air sampling is ideal for...

  • Homes with kids, pets or asthma sufferers
  • Older or recently remodeled office buildings
  • Industrial facilities that use or store chemicals

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