Septic System Inspections


Why Is an Annual Septic Inspection So Important?

3 reasons to get your septic system inspected in the Dover, Rochester & Portsmouth, NH areas

Septic systems are designed to break down solids, separate water and scum and send the remaining wastewater to a drainfield to be filtered by bacteria. But when components start to wear out, they can cause a breakdown in the wastewater treatment process. A septic system inspection can help you catch minor issues before they become big problems.

You can count on Omnispect Home Inspection Services of Dover, Rochester & Portsmouth, NH to examine your septic system thoroughly. The comprehensive septic inspection report we'll give you can...

  1. Help you prioritize repairs before listing your home
  2. Give homebuyers peace of mind
  3. Support your asking price

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Being proactive can pay off

Being proactive can pay off

You wouldn't want your home sale to fall through because of an unfavorable septic system inspection report. Getting your septic system inspected before you put your home on the market can alleviate some of your home selling stress.

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