200% Inspection Satisfaction Guarantee:
The following Inspection Satisfaction Guarantee is available to clients who physically attend the entire inspection:
At the end of the inspection, if the Client is not 100% satisfied with the home inspection provided, the home inspection fee will be waived on-site and no inspection report shall be issued to the Client for that inspection.... AND we will pay for another licensed home inspector to inspect the home
(Does not apply to auxiliary inspections or services.)

FREE Lifetime Consultation Services:
As long as you own the home we inspected, we invite you to call our inspector with any questions you may have about your home.

Agent Loyalty Program:
If, for any reason, you do NOT purchase the home we inspect, re-book with OmniSpect within 30 days using the same buyer agent, and the 2nd Home Inspection is FREE
(Does not apply to auxiliary inspections or services.)

Client Referral Program:
If you were happy with your inspection, don't be shy..... tell your friends.  If they give us your name when booking a job with us and we perform a home inspection for them, we will send you a check for $50.00.

On-Time Guarantee:
We understand how valuable your time is, so if we are even 1 miinute late for your scheduled inspection, your Home Inspection will be FREE. 
(Does not apply to auxiliary inspections or services.)